Working on Being Whelmed

Well, sure that isn’t a word but it should be.

What else would being neither underwhelmed or overwhelmed be? That’s rhetorical, so please keep dictionaries and thesauruses closed. And there won’t be a quiz, anyway, as quizzes are for people who mistakenly think there is always a nice tidy ratio of question to answer. Oh, there is a ratio, for sure, but it is a perversely inverse one, for the best answer is always the one that lead to better questions.

And that’s a good thing, all-in-all, as questions is what lead us to action. Asking what they are building down the block encourages a step outside. If you either don’t care, thinking you already have the answer, or have the answer you are happy with, you’ll likely stay inside.

Cool, you might say, I like staying inside, especially when the whether is crappy. And if that’s the case, then that probably is a good place for you to be since I meant inside in a metaphorical sense that people who go outside a lot will instantly understand. As for you insiders, please stay there and let Fox News tell you all you need to know, or rather tell you what you need to know.

And if you don’t understand the difference between the two cracks at Fox “News” you’ve probably been watching too much of it.

But back to the topic of questions that I’ve sauntered away from, and that really is the topic here: a nice large number of them — questions not Fox News viewers — leads to healthy meaningful lives of progressing forward. But too many of them can easily be overwhelming.

Today I felt an overwhelm attack coming on. I haven’t really done much with this site yet and am trying to get into a groove with it. So the motivating, step-taking question of the day was how do I log into my blog?

i hadn’t done so in a while and apparently hadn’t bothered with a bookmark. I knew I used wordpress, so I typed in only to discover no log-in on that page. After some hair-pulling useless google searches, I finally found where to go and bookmarked it (another question, as I hadn’t worked in safari in a while).

Which is all good and well, and I’m typing now, but now other questions are populating my little brain:

How am I going to type this before I have to leave for work? How am I going to have time to cook dinner for us before I leave for work?… and so on, onto bigger how’s of How the hell am I ever going to get a decent looking blog up and running onto How in the world am I ever going to accomplish anything at all…

Pretty overwhelming indeed.

But I did get logged in, just like I do take steps outside and walk as far as I can on any given day. I have to remind myself that neither Rome nor blogs are built in a day.

I got logged in and I’ve bookmarked that log-in area. I also found an article First Steps with Word Press that I’m going to start going through step by step. So as my time for this particular endeavor closes up I’m trying to keep that in mind, and focus on this little baby step.

Though thinking about Rome again, it should also be noted that Rome wasn’t built alone. And I am thankful to have my husband helping with dinner right now so I can finish this thought and type this post as a humble new start.