Thanks – A Very Short (and very incomplete) List

My husband. Our two cats. Tidy Scoop. Whiskas. An apartment in Vermont. Keurig machines. My Toshiba laptop. The ability to type. Being married. The ability to create. Single stream recycling. The atom. Physics. Neuroscience. Aristotle. Spinoza. Kant. Working from home. Mice. Right-clicking. Kindle fire. Books. Ebooks. The ability to read. The ability to think. The ability to think about thinking. Analogies. Movies. Itunes. 80s music. Industrial. EBM. Black Metal. Death metal. Symphonic metal. Progressive Rock. Rhythmic Noise. Power Noise. Ambient.  Ant-zen. Hands. Metropolis. Nuclear Blast. Century Media. Skinny Puppy. Legendary Pink Dots. Rush. Iron Maiden. Hollenthon.  Marillion. Planet P Project. Forma Tadre. Flock of Seagulls. Therion. Mentallo and the Fixer. Project Pitchfork. Dark Tranquility. Nightmare Lodge. Klinik. Ah-Cama Sotz. Winterkalte. Edward Ka-Spel. Stephen King. Joe Hill. Locke and Key. Douglas Hofstadter. Gary Marcus. Antonio Damasio. Cormac McCarthy. Eoin Colfer. AM Homes. Daniel C Dennett. Sunrises. Sunsets. The Sun. Snow. Green Mountains. Grass. Flowers. Rocks. Mother Nature. Father Time. The amoeba. Primordial soup. The neuron. Being able to drive. Mazda5. A full tank of gas. Traveling. Staying at home. Staying warm. Philosophy. Candace Shelby. Mark Tanzer. Robert Metcalf. Writing. Chris Merkner. Mike Zabawa. Poets and Writers. Charles Bukowski. Joss Whedon. Scientific American. Being an American. Being vegetarian. Morningstar. Tofurky. Mashed potatoes. Pizza. Coffee. Waking up. Being up. Being alive. Being Male. Liking Males. Being out. Being far out. Being so out I’m never ever going back in.