Spay Day

Today our newly acquired cat, Amber Sue, is at FACE, which is a low cost spay and neuter clinic.

Busy place. Surgery drop off for cats is between 7am and 8am. So silly me arrived at 7… parking lot already containing several cars and waiting room already containing lots of people and lots of cats. I ended up being cat lover number 8 with many more people coming in after me. Busy place.

She was originally scheduled for Feb 12. But I called yesterday to see if there were any cancellations where we could get her in before that. There is something about a cat in heat that makes the idea of waiting two weeks somewhat unbearable. As luck would have it, they asked if tomorrow would work, and to the sound of Amber’s c’mere boys yoohoo over here wail, I said you betcha.

We would have gotten her spayed soon after we took her in on Dec 25, 2012, as that is the responsible pet owner thing to do. But we originally thought she was pregnant, so we were waiting to see if she was. It would have been difficult for us to raise kittens, but I would have let her have them and would have taken care of them.

For I am pro-choice, and my choice would have been not to abort the kittens, as that would go against what I feel would be the right thing to do; it would go against my sense of morality. Sometimes people mischaracterize pro-choice as being pro-abortion when it is nothing of the sort.

Spaying is a choice too. And a moral argument could be made that such an action is wrong because it goes against nature; goes against the animal’s biological imperative. But in weighing moral issues we should do our best to avoid having a deliberately myopic view that cuts out other variables in the equation.

Sure, in part such fixing is for our benefit. A cat in heat makes all kinds of sleep-disturbing sounds. She is also harder to control, tearing at blinds and in general acting quite loony. Also, something I didn’t know before, females in heat ooze.

They ooze a lot.

But there is also the fact that we have a serious pet overpopulation problem. There is the fact that females who are not fixed have a greater risk of ovarian cancer since their ovaries do not pass, as cats have no period. There is also the fact that during the periods of heat she does not look happy.

For the biological imperative is not about being happy. It is about procreation, period. It is about losing all sense of reason in a desire to mate. It is about wailing your heart out in desperation until penis connects with vagina.

How fortunate we are as humans that we have the ability to take control of our genitals.

What is unfortunate is there are folks who want to drag us back down to the level of beasts and take away that ability. They want to criminalize responsible, moral choices. They want to vote away love to the point that marriage is eroded to nothing more than wailing your heart out in desperation until penis connects with vagina.

But we are smarter than that; we are more evolved than that.

Aren’t we?