Some Cool Random Stuff I Learned Today

I drove Gary to the Doctor today and while I waited in the waiting room, it being the kind of appointment where I’m waiting in the waiting room instead of back with him, I perused the magazines and selected a few out to browse.

So I guess right off the bat it isn’t true random, is it? After all, I deliberately bypassed US and People and Essence and Woman’s World and Sports Illustrated… but hey, it was at least in the sense that my final choices was up to whatever the circumstances had placed there… maybe environmental whimsy would be a better term…

Anyway, via Smithsonian Magazine…


I did not know that. Granted i hadn’t really considered whales and feet. But they do/did have them. Their current skeletons have vestigal ones in their internal skeletal struction. But a recent excavation has discovered a whale skeloton with such bones that would clearly have been, albeit small, true appendages. Evolution in motion, baby. Pretty damn cool. More info can be found on the Evolution World Tour


I also found out that Thomas Jefferson was a deist not an atheist, which I kinda sorta knew. But what I didn’t know is that he didn’t give much creedence to the gospels or the so-called miracles. So he made his own bible out of Jesus’s words, believing in Jesus and his teachings, just not the interpretive crap around it. No simple edit, either, or self-serving blasphemy, as he used several versions of the bible in several different languages for serious comparison and religious study whatnot. If you’re curious, learn how he did it.


On the testosterone side of things, I read in Outdoor magazine about Ueli Steck, who specializes in climbing ice mountains really fast, frequently by himself, and with very little equipment (i.e. without pesky safety rope crap and other pansy stuff that can way down the truly hardcore climbers). Rather than an article, I thought I would just post a video of him in action.


And oh, yeah, I almost forgot. I also saw a recipe that was called something like Linquini with Squid Ink that caught my eye. Googling squid and ink one can find How to Cook with Squid Ink, which I won’t do as I’m vegetarian. Still, that was yet another thing that I did not know and I doubt I will ever forget.