Park It

A complaint form I submitted to the Southwest district police department:

A police officer showed up late at night on Saturday, May 5, and accused me of parking illegally, saying he had gotten some complaints about where my car was parked. I was parked as posted, which I pointed out to him. He then said some troubling things that the more I thought about them the more they bothered me and hence this complaint.

“The streets are narrow,” he said, which is true for all the streets around here, and many have parking on both sides.

“Don’t be surprised if someone hits your car. And if they do, then drive away, don’t come crying to me.” So someone commits wrong, and he’s saying I’m the one to blame?

“I’m just saying, people drive drunk down here all the time…” Again, why does some other person’s wrongdoing put undue responsiblity on me?

“They said the car’s been parked here for months,” which it has, except when I leave daily for errands, as I expect is the case with most cars parked in the street around here.

I offered to give him my name and number to pass on to anyone who had complained, in case they wanted to talk to me directly about any issues with my car being parked where it was, but he said he couldn’t remember who it was that had complained.

Something about the whole exchange seemed fishy to me and I wonder if there really have been “complaints” on where my car was parked. I would like to talk with someone in more detail about this.