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TFK, 85,644.

Donnie refers to Randy as a boyfriend.

What is the distinction between boys who are friends and boyfriends? It can’t be sex, since a couple could not have yet ‘done the deed’. And as far as that goes, acquaintances can screw. In a similar vein, boyfriends can go bowling and boys who are friends can likewise do so. So there is no true event marker for such things.

Instead, it seems more an emotional state that is not only acknowledged, but reciprocated by the participants involved; further, because of this, only the particapants themselves can, through their mutual conception, give the term any real meaning.

From working draft of “That Fargo Kid” by JD Fox:

“It wasn’t so much Randy disagreed with such a term as that he had never considered it. Such a term wasn’t part of his conceptual framework of possibilities, so it never crossed his mind with any lasting neuronal firing. Now it lay there smack in the center of his frontal lobe, being processed and dissected a hundred and one different ways.

True enough, they were boys and they were friends… but boyfriend soaked up much more meaning than a simple combination of those two words…”