Novel – Daily Progress

TFK. 79523.
Good session today, 3 hours, added 1000 words.

Focused on tweaking scenes leading up to elder Fargos leaving for the night and Randy in charge, of the house and of Donnie, once again. Although all writing is fun, some scenes are more fun than others to work on, so I struggle with not too quickly passing through the less fun ones.

Not only can that weaken the story, but perhaps more importantly it can cause a treasure to be missed; sometimes forcing yourself to spend time on a ‘done’ scene uncover a new detail that actually turns out to be wholly significant later on.

I tend to be minimalist, but there is fine line between minimal and scant. For me, there is a lot of going over earlier, quickly written paragraphs during the session, in addition to writing strictly new material. A very organic, sometimes tedious process that accumlates a story more than builds it.