JD Fox Writing Flyer

JD Fox Writing and Editing Flyer (PDF)

JD Fox Writing and Editing Flyer

JD Fox, Writer

Maybe yer Speling and grammerr aint so hot.

Maybe you think your writing is too verbose, too wordy, and too full of long-sentenced run-on rambling to effectively get your message across in those pesky five-hundred-character-limit calendar entry forms let alone making a post in Facebook or in the confines of the necessarily more succinct Twitterverse.

Maybe your, placement of, commas, cause, confusion.

Maybe you don’t even know where to begin let alone where to

Whatever your writing woes, I can help, whether it’s cleaning up existing text, offering thoughtful feedback, or creating content from scratch. And all for reasonable rates negotiated on a project basis.


  • Associate Editor for Mud Season Review
  • Copy Editor for the show blog of Flynn Center for the Performing Arts
  • Blogger for Burlington Writers Workshop
  • Contributor to online calendars and social media on behalf of various organizations

“Your comments were very insightful.” – Austin Wallace
“[Y]our comments… [were] thoughtful and clear and quite right[.]” – Mary Warner

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