IYG Board

Last night I worked at IYG and spoke with the executive director about becoming an IYG board member. She asked me to send her an e-mail with background, interest, etc. I find writing such missives interesting because it causes me to try and boil down “me” in succinct fashion. I think the result turned out decent enough:


Per our conversation last night, this e-mail is to reiterate and formalize my interest in becoming an IYG board member.

My professional background is records management, educational background philosophy, and passion is writing. I have previously served on the board of a local chapter of AIIM (Records Management), as an officer in my alma mater’s philosophy club, and as a first reader on the fiction board for Copper Nickel. My significant other and I strive to be agents of change for the better, like with championing the arrival of a day when our 17-year relationship will be legally recognized as the marriage that it is.

I am “out” in all areas of my life, though I think it is probably more accurate to say I am “John” in all areas of my life.

I want to help IYG continue to grow. I see IYG as being not only a resource for youth but as a source of empowered youth ready to take ownership of the world. After all, when it gets down to it, it is their world and us adults are just holding it for them.

Best regards,
John Fox