HJR 0006

Wrote each member of the Indiana Senate Judiciary Committee:

Dear Senator,

The heinous HJR0006 is a threat to my family and I urge you to not let this backwards legislation get out of committee. As it is, I already am, for the time being, “Legally Single” because of the repugnant DOMA. My religious marriage — witnessed in Indiana, incidentally — of fifteen+ years has yet to be recognized. I urge you to not allow my own state to tighten the existing homophobic noose further with this amendment. I further urge you to encourage others to move in the opposite, family-affirming direction of promoting marriage between committed folks like myself regardless of your party affiliation and regardless of pressure from anti-family profiteers like Maggie Gallagher.

Thanks for reading,
John Fox
Hoosier born and bred homosexual