Hello Kitty (a novella) Thoughts

From my daily writing log:

This story seems to be shaping up as one of my most explicitly moral stories, though I don’t know if anyone will see it like that . But that’s how I’m intending it. The power of love, the power of virtue, to win in the end.
I just use boys and boysex to tell it 🙂

The story in question is a short story (now more a novella) that I would describe as a boy-meets-boy supernatuaral horror romance. Since it is a romance, sex and potential for having sex (and not having sex) are there. However, having and not having sex are not the morality I am referencing.

Sex in itself has no morality in my eyes; rather the morality is that of how sex plays out between the persons involved: is it an equal share of power, of respect, of giving/taking for example.

It amazes me to no end that my country seems to get all up in arms over things of a sexual nature, even allowing words to describe the act to be considered vulgar, such as fuck and suck and jackoff, while we have a vast societal tolerance for words like KILL and HURT and HATE.

Are we so afraid of our bodies that we find maiming each other much more agreeable than loving each other?

The AFA, FOF and other hate groups seem to think so with their constant anti-gay rhetoric. But a boy loving another boy isn’t immoral. What is immoral is man or boy’s inhumanity to man or boy. This inhumanity can involve sex but it is not sex itself.

The world would be better off with more people reaching for condoms rather than guns and using whole hands full of tenderness rather than just a pointed finger.