For the Love of Libraries

Tonight the West Indianapolis Library — my closest branch — had the pleasure of hosting an informal chat with Indianapolis Public Library CEO Jackie Nytes. She brought along with her Collections Director Deb Lambert. It was one stop of many they will make this month, which will see them visiting each and every branch for similar chats.

Some of the main points of discussion were:

  • The composition of the collection
  • Print versus electronic materials usage
  • Dissemination of what the library has to offer
  • Community needs and habits

Although diverse in topics, the underlying theme — and ultimate purpose for her chats — is  envisioning the public library of the future… and taking steps now towards making it a reality.

A decent public library is one of the hallmarks of a great nation. For it is a welcomed equalizer in a world that is often lopsided in distribution of wealth, resources, and good circumstances. It does this by granting power equaling knowledge to anyone who wants it, regardless of their current situation.

Vive la bibliothèque!