Okay, in keeping up with the Russells
😀 — as if I could ever match my husband’s productivity — 😀

I have posted a contact form.

This wasn’t particularly easy with my color scheme challenges and tech abilities that sometimes seemed to be either

a) copy/paste and hope it works

b) make a change (and hope it works)

In light of this celebratory occasion, I have created a new g-mail account. I originally was going to use JD Fox, but it was too short. My full name, Johndfox, has already been stolen by some poser who obviously is not John D Fox, or at least not the most important one which is, or should be, me. Same with my writing name, JD Fox, which kinda pisses me off to see taken. etc.

If I ever get famous, I think I will have to exert my new found influence to boot my would be namesake squatters off of what should be cyber reserved for me.

the new e-mail for this is…

Um, I’m not hearing a drum roll, folks..

Okay, that’s better.

it is