Censorship? I Hope Not…

I logged in via my IMCPL (Indiana Marion County Public Library) account to iLibrary and subsequently to Academic Search Premiere, looking to see what journals have full texts of issues available online via this system.

While I was excited to discover things like New Orleans Review, Ploughshares, and other literary¬†journals where I’m wanting to send my stories, I’m disappointed by the severe lack of full text for “gay” journals, such as the Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide.

In fact, such content seems so wholly and blatantly lacking, that it makes me wonder if there is deliberate omission and/or censorship occuring. I have asked the reference librarians if they can give me information that might disabuse me of such a notion.

Below is a list from my publications search (subject = gay), where only two of the listed periodicals appear to have full text available, and they are not journals at all but rather of a light, and I would say, of perhaps a more hetero-friendly nature:

Journal of Gay & Lesbian Psychotherapy
Bibliographic Records:01/01/1989 to present

GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian & Gay Studies
Bibliographic Records:01/01/1997 to present

Journal of Gay & Lesbian Social Services
Bibliographic Records:01/01/2000 to present

Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide
Bibliographic Records:01/01/2000 to present

Journal of Gay & Lesbian Issues In Education
Bibliographic Records:01/01/2003 to present

Harrington Gay Men’s Literary Quarterly
Bibliographic Records:03/01/2006 to 09/01/2007

Journal of Gay & Lesbian Mental Health
Bibliographic Records:01/01/1989 to present

Lambda Book Report
Bibliographic Records:01/01/1995 to 04/01/2009
Full Text:01/01/1995 to 04/01/2009
PDF Full Text; HTML Full Text

James White Review
Bibliographic Records:09/01/2000 to 06/01/2004

Bibliographic Records:09/17/1996 to present
Full Text:09/17/1996 to present
PDF Full Text; HTML Full Text