Attack of the Yeah Buts

you’re stupid. much too stupid to accomplish anything.

so read. read read read and read some more and get unstupid.

yeah, but my comprehension sucks. sometimes thoughts go in an out without connecting in the way I want them to connect. I feel like I’ll never be unstupid enough to create what I want to create.

Then focus on being unstupid enough just to create — period — and that will be one step closer, won’t it, to what you want to create? A step closer than what it would be otherwise.

yeah, but the words look anemic on the page, showing my stupidness swimming in a shallow pond of mediocrity.

get them on the page anyway. they aren’t any less mediocre in your mind, even if it feels like they aren’t. get them out there and work them into shape word by word sentence by sentence paragraph by para-

yeah, but they won’t ever be as shaped up as I what I want them to be. they will always fall short of what they should be.

and what should they be?

shipshaped and unmediocred I guess. I want they should be words that stand out on the page and claim hey hey hey we are the best words there is.

stuck in your head the words don’t seem to be claiming much at all except idle neuron fire

yeah, but outside the mind they are all so defenseless.

So put them out there first and strengthen them word by word sentence by sentence paragraph by para–

yeah, but what if I don’t have the arsenal to do that?

What if you do and it goes unused? life doesn’t give you bonus points for what doesn’t get used up.

yeah, but I could use everything up and still fall short. Then where would I be?

a step closer than you would otherwise be?

yeah, but each step takes so much time…

how much time do you need?

enough time to take a step that counts. to make sure it is the right step…

wrong steps can be corrected. no steps not so much.

yeah, but what if I run out of time to correct them?

There you go on time again. time runs out regardless, you know?

yeah, but I don’t want to squander it.

yeah, but by not using it right here right now to put down words on the page in the most unstupid unmediocre way that you possibly can during this all too rare moment snatched away from the eternity of never enough time…  you already are.