A Case of the Str’s

Okay, today’s been an especially hard day.

No particular reason. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say for all the particular challenges that are currently waterfalling on us. It’s difficult to focus on swimming to a shore when you are spitting up water to keep from drowning.

Hyperbole? Understatement actually. But that’s not what I’m wanting to write about, as misery loathes company despite what the saying says. Instead I’m wanting to write about words that begin with Str, as that’s how the bad day as a bad day manifested in my brain.

In general I do not have good ‘mental picture’ ability. I’m working on improving this lacking so I can better grasp things worth grasping. But I tend to think more in words and see words forming in various ways in my head, kind of like Sesame Street rock constructions though not always with music.

So I got up this morning with STRess and STRuggle doing a twin dance of despair in my mind. I didn’t even write and it was all I could do to put fresh food and water out for the STRays. All of my STRategies for advancement seemed futile and future STRokes of bad luck appeared inevitable. I went back to bed thinking I didn’t have the STRength to tackle another (feeling like) two-steps back day.

I STRetched my hands up, palms together, towards the ceiling as dark thoughts threatened to STRangle me. But then I sighed, closed my eyes, and employed the only STRategy I know for coping that always helps.

And you are reading it now.